Learn to Meditate


In 3 consecutive days over 3 x 90 minute sessions, you will be empowered to meditate for the rest of your life. You will master a form of meditation that you can easily do on your own, anywhere and anytime, without relying on meditation apps or guided videos. In a small-group community format, we’ll cover the science and benefits of this powerful technique, and discuss a realistic approach for how you can establish and maintain a daily practice, even with an extremely busy lifestyle. In this course you will learn how to release stress and anxiety, and how to generate an even deeper connection to yourself and to your personal power. 

Before I get into more information about the specifics of learning to meditate with me, please watch the below very short video now to hear me say a few words about my 3-day online course which is taught live over Zoom.  After watching, please continue reading below.

What you will receive if you learn to meditate with me  

1. A ‘Being technique' and meditation practice you will have for the rest of your life. The course offers information on the nature of the mind, on how and why meditation works, and a very solid pathway to a daily meditation practice that you will be empowered to practice daily. This is a deep, immersive, experiential and participative programme where you will receive live personalised teachings online with me. Practicing this technique had such a massive impact on my own life that I decided to train with Jonni Pollard, the founder of 1 Giant Mind, in New York and Australia. I am an advanced certified teacher and have been teaching people all throughout Ireland and all over the world. This technique is a life game-changer. Read testimonials here

2. I offer weekly community meditation gatherings online every Sunday at 7pm (Irish time) where all students who have taken my course are welcome to come and meditate together. We do a Q&A where you can ask me questions. You will also benefit from being part of a warm, welcoming and supportive community of fellow meditators to help energise your own practice.  This add on to the course is a favourite of many who come to learn with me.

3. Benefits of meditation: Reduced stress, anxiety, fear and fatigue - Improved concentration, focus and memory  -  Increased energy levels, creativity and self-confidence - Improved sleep patterns and relief from insomnia - Ability to make high-speed accurate decisions under pressure - Less reactive and greater emotional stability - A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing - Greater peace of mind - Faster recovery and healing from many different ailments as it boosts the immune system

Upcoming online courses dates and times 

Each course is taught over 3 x 90-minute sessions over 3 consecutive days via Zoom, (Irish timezone IST). Places are limited to very small numbers on each course to ensure there is an intimate teaching setting in a supportive environment. Upcoming courses are listed here and more will be announced soon. Email me if you want to request a future date.



  • Session 1 - Monday June 28th, 7pm-8.30pm
  • Session 2 - Tuesday June 29th, 7pm-8.30pm
  • Session 3 - Wednesday June 30th, 7pm-8.30pm 

More Learn to Meditate courses will be running in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for dates and times. If you would like a private course with me, or to run a course for your organisation or company, contact me to arrange it. You can read testimonials from people who have completed my course here.



Pricing: a lifetime investment in your well-being    

The course fee, including additional offerings listed above, is €180 payable in advance.

If you are struggling financially please contact me and we can discuss bursary options. Let's make it work. Also, if you would like to pay it forward to help fund or part-fund bursary places for others please let me know.  Finally, if you would like to purchase a voucher as a gift for someone, contact me directly to arrange it. 

How to book your place

If you wish to learn with me please complete my simple booking form and then complete payment by clicking on Checkout.  You can pay using PayPal or by using a debit or credit card. This debit/credit card option will appear after you click on Checkout with PayPal, just scroll down and you will see Pay with a bank account or credit card. Once I have received your details, I will be back in touch with you within 24 hours and will send you all the details you need to know to join the course. Any issues booking or additional queries, please let me know. Email me or we can arrange a phone call to discuss your interest. Click on book course now to proceed.   

"Susan is the best meditation teacher I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the practice and her skillfulness in how to teach it make you feel like you are in safe hands. But, it is her personality and warmth that is her magic. She has such a special way of teaching that it is easy and joy to learn from her. I have never been able to stick with meditation until now. I cannot urge you strongly enough to learn to meditate or deepen your practice with Susan. In my opinion, she is one of the most important teachers in the world."
- Tony Griffin, Charity founder, writer and speaker