Learn to Meditate course testimonials

‘I first met Susan in July 2019 at a group meditation she did for the Irish rugby team. I have since had over ten one-to-one sessions with her, and completed her 3-day Learn to Meditate online course. I am delighted to say she has been a massive reason in the improved quality of both my professional performance, but more importantly in my life. She’s been incredibly influential on me, as a player and a person.’ 
– Andrew Conway, Munster and Ireland international rugby player  

'I have been struggling with my mental health for 10 years and have tried so many different types of therapies throughout these years. I have never in my life experienced anything like the benefit of this meditation practice. The pure relief Susan's meditation course provided me with surpassed everything I had hoped for. Susan made meditation so easy to learn. If you're thinking of doing Susan's course, just book it now. You won't regret it. I'm hugely grateful for it.' 
- Leslie Shaw, Co. Tipperary

‘I loved the structure of the course and the small group dynamic. Susan’s presence and authenticity in the delivery of the information was exceptional. The meditation technique is straightforward and I liked how accessible it was. This course honestly gave me such deep relief on so many levels. So grateful for it.’
– Szabolcs Karikó 

'For the past 15 years I've tried everything to manage the stress, anxiety, insomnia, and general fear I carry around with me, and nothing has ever worked quite as well as this course and this meditation technique that Susan teaches so well. My only wish is that I found Susan and this course sooner.' 
- Lily

'Susan is the best meditation teacher I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the practice and her skillfulness in how to teach it make you feel like you are in safe hands. But, it is her personality and warmth that is her magic. She has such a special way of teaching that it is easy and joy to learn from her. I have never been able to stick with meditation until now.  I cannot urge you strongly enough to learn to meditate or deepen your practice with Susan. In my opinion, she is one of the most important teachers in the world.' 
- Tony Griffin, All star hurler, Performance coach and writer

'This experience over the past three days has been a life changer. I cannot remember the last time I felt this connected and safe with myself. I thank Susan with all my heart for the peace meditation has brought me, and in only a matter of days.'
- Lexii, Portland, Oregon

'I cannot believe the changes that are already happening since I completed Susan's course, one of which is that I have now slept 7 nights soundly without the need for sleep medication. This is so so huge for me. Thank you Susan!' 
- Debbie

‘Susan is a meditation master and I can honestly say she is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve tried to learn meditation with many other teachers over the years but no one came close to Susan. Extraordinary presence, wisdom and insight. This course changed my life for the better.’
– Melanie Lynch, CEO of Herstory

'I was looking for someone to run a group guided meditation experience to encourage wellness amongst our team.  Susan came highly recommended. We asked Susan to support our team with issues they may be facing in current times such as burnout, virtual exhaustion, not being able to switch off from work when working from home. Susan tailored a group meditation for us which we held on Webex. We had over 40 people join us across 6 time zones and it was seamless. We received great feedback from everyone involved, we will definitely work with Susan again.'
- Michelle Hurley, Cisco Webex

'For over a decade I was having trouble with high blood pressure and found exercise, diet and medication were not completely working. I was completely surprised how quickly meditation had a significant positive impact in reducing my blood pressure, whilst completely removing the spikes I used to have. I also didn’t expect the additional benefits of general wellbeing. My world is lighter and brighter as I’ve adopted daily meditation into my life. Cannot recommend Susan highly enough!
- Steven Fagg, Chief Executive Officer, UK

'I am astounded by my shift in outlook since I learned how to meditate with Susan. It's changed everything. If you're thinking of it, just do it.'
- Liam 

'I have long known the benefits of meditation, but I hadn’t known how to get started. So I was delighted to hear good things about this course, however any expectations I had were exceeded. This is a great course.  Susan is an exceptional and gifted teacher, who creates an inclusive welcome for all. I have no hesitation in recommending this meditation course, you won’t regret it!'
- Dr Margaret Kennedy

'I have being trying to mediate for nearly 30 years! I have participated in many trainings and experienced a variety of ways to meditate.  I can honestly say that this is the first time that I have remained committed to a daily practice. Susan's way of teaching somehow impacted on me in such a manner that I feel motivated and encouraged to sit twice daily and just be with whatever arises in me. Judgement seems to be so less present than before. I have a very busy mind and attempting to meditate before doing this course used to leave me frustrated and feeling I was doing it wrong... not so now. I am feeling the benefit of this practice in my daily life. I just feel more able for life, more resilient and not so easily triggered. Even if I get triggered or overwhelmed I bounce back easier! Susan has such a genuine heart centered compassionate and nurturing approach to teaching.  I feel she also practices what she teaches and is honest and transparent in terms of her own life experience. There was no sense of "chasing bliss" with this practice which has always been a real red flag for me in terms of experiences I have had with some other meditation practices.  I feel so blessed to have experienced Susan's presence and her beautiful way of teaching. Thank you Susan.'
- Melissa Hogan

'No meditation app can substitute for the experience you gain from Susan's classes. Susan keenly listened to every one with an open mind and gave personalised feedback and encouragement, which you felt was from a sincere and honest place. She has a unique ability to tune into people's concerns and offer useful advice accordingly.  Most importantly, her classes  promote autonomy so you are equipped with the tools to heal and therefore take responsibility for your own physical and mental wellbeing. As someone who has suffered from deep anxiety for many years, I feel this course has put me on the right track to kick-start my recovery process.'
- Patrick 

'Myself and my wife did this course, it is absolutely brilliant. It has completely changed our lives! We're both meditating twice daily now, we've noticed we're far more patient with the little ones and I'm far more creative at the minute as a result of meditation. I couldn't recommend Susan highly enough. Do yourself a favour and book it!'
- Steo Wall, Musician 

‘Susan doesn’t just talk about meditation, she embodies the traits of someone that meditates consistently.  There's a lot of trust involved in learning meditation from someone you don't know all that well, especially online, and thankfully Susan’s light was able to shine brightly through the screen. Susan teaches with such respect and reverence. I loved how real she is. She took the supposed mystique out of meditation, made it accessible and attainable, and broke the method down into manageable bits. The course has been a gift that I wasn't aware I needed until after I was in possession of its beautiful lessons.’
– Tara, California 

'I found this course exceptional. Susan’s teaching and way with people is something special. The technique is simple to do and for that reason I’ve been able to work it into my daily routine quite easily. I am noticing subtle positive benefits all the time. After struggling with insomnia for months, my sleep started to settle after a few weeks of daily practice. I cannot recommend this course enough.’
– Sinéad 

‘Susan as a teacher is very natural, welcoming, and genuine and she creates a deep connection with all the participants on the course. Highly recommend.’
– Patrick 

‘I was a little nervous starting the course as I hadn’t done much meditation, that feeling lasted only a few minutes once I started and heard Susan’s calm and compassionate voice.  Susan makes you feel at ease straight away, she has such a warm personality.  I enjoyed every minute of the course, it was fun and informative at the same time. I felt confident beginning my meditation journey and I know I have Susan’s support when I need it. She makes herself very available to her students.  I am only a week in and I’m already feeling an inner peace. Highly recommend giving it a go, it’s time to put yourself first.’
- Yvonne 

'I went into this course feeling sceptical. I was not at all sure that meditation was going to be for me. I was too busy, too resistant to give time to myself, too cynical about meditation in general. I quickly realised that Susan had a way about her that just drew me in and helped me to understand why meditation could benefit me in everyday life. She gently invited us to give it a go. That is why I stayed with it, and even though I am only starting my meditation journey I already feel it has benefited me in many aspects of my life. I feel calmer, I have less interest in my phone, I feel more connected to my family and feel appreciative of all my blessings. Thank you Susan!'
- Fiona

‘I got so much from this experience. Susan has such a beautiful, open and supportive approach to her teaching that makes it so accessible to everyone in the group. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is drawn to meditation or curious to learn more.’
– Sinéad 

‘Susan’s meditation course was taught beautifully and she explained everything so clearly. I find myself looking forward to my meditation every day now and would urge everyone to give it a try for themselves. I loved it.’
– David Lynch 

'I highly recommend this course! The most wonderfully simple and effective teaching, Susan's approach is gentle, practical, and encouraging! Straight away I was put at ease, it's a very safe space, full of AHA moments and the restoration of a way back to calm and balance was almost immediate and better yet sustainable! The practice is so easy to integrate into daily life. Thanks again Susan for creating this space, sharing your knowledge with such rare authenticity and for bringing the beautiful practice of 'being' into my life.'
– Collette 

'I have been finding it difficult to manage stress and anxiety from a busy life. I have let anxiety bleed into every aspect of my day. After just one week of practising Susan's 'Being' meditation technique I am already sleeping better and feeling more calm. I feel better equipped to handle stressful situations and I have clarity around decision making.'  

‘I totally recommend this course! I did it last week having struggled to meditate in the past. Susan’s love, passion and belief in the ‘Being technique’ is infectious. Never ever thought I would be someone who could mediate daily but as Susan says; ‘there is no such thing as a bad meditation.’  Lovely opportunity to connect with like-minded people during this difficult time too.’ 
- Orlette McGrath-Massey 

‘Learning meditation with Susan was like giving myself a beautiful present. As a teacher she made me believe from the very first moment that this was going to be so worthwhile and it was. It was a joy and a privilege to be taught by her and I came away with a technique that is really enriching my life.’
– Annette

‘We held a meditation session with all staff members and it was a great success! A couple of people were quite sceptical beforehand as had no experience with meditation before, but everyone successfully entered into a highly relaxed state during the meditation thanks to Susan’s talk and guidance. The feedback from staff was unusually brilliant afterwards and the team would love to get Susan back in again. It’s so important to take time out from our hectic, busy lives from time to time!’
– Lisa Synnott, Carzone, Dublin

'I took part in Susan's 3 day online meditation programme during the lockdown because I was feeling very low in mood and energy and finally had the time to do something for myself and I have ended up giving myself the best gift of all. I have so much energy, my family are calmer too (the ripple effect), and all because I'm dealing with life in a different way, I've only started this meditation journey and already I'm reaping the rewards. Susan is a beautiful gentle and inspiring teacher. She really held the group and I definitely felt safe and easy in her presence. I learned so much and I would urge anyone that wants to change their lives for the better to do this course. Hand on heart it's been the most rewarding course I've ever taken and I've taken lots.'
- Jacinta Sheeran, Actress

Having just completed the 3 day course with Susan I can’t recommend it highly enough for those who are considering it. Susan facilitates in such an open, friendly and warm manner that gently guides you along the meditation journey. It is a completely uplifting experience and one which has had a profound impact on me.'
- Declan O'Connell

'I found the course with Susan to be a profound yet amazingly light experience. In a short space of time I felt rooted in what she was teaching us and her way of offering insights and guiding the students on the course was really helpful and respectful. There was a great warmth shining through, which is some achievement in an online exchange but I felt it strongly. The interaction with the other people on the course was also a highlight for me. Susan's generosity of spirit was palpable throughout and I'm grateful for having the chance to embark on this course.'
- Martina Durac, Film-maker

'I recently did Susan's '3 day Learn to Meditate' course, which I found to be hugely beneficial. It was beautifully and easily explained, and Susan's energy and warmth was amazing and her ability to work so effortlessly with the group. A great way to spend 3 consecutive evenings. I would highly recommend the course to everyone.'
- Mary

'My partner and I recently completed Susan's 3-day course. We were met with open arms and such warmth, it felt like we had known Susan for a long time. She makes you feel comfortable and safe which is so encouraging when learning something so personal and special. Susan listens carefully and provides guidance on your experiences without judgement and with such genuine care. I'm so inspired to continue this practice both independently and together with my partner, we have seen it work its magic already. I feel so grateful to have learned with Susan, she is so genuine in her approach. The deepest heartfelt thank you.'
- Kate Lennon, Australia

'Susan made learning meditation so accessible through her authentic and passionate approach and nurturing guidance. I loved the simple technique and the process Susan took us through to learn and embed it. It's really exciting to know that meditation can be a part of daily life now.'
- Tom Gardner, Facilitator

'I wanted to try meditation properly after trying many apps and never feeling fully committed. This course with Susan helped me develop the skills and confidence to practice meditation without apps etc. I don't feel intimidated about the thought of meditation anymore and am excited to practice.'
- Ruth 

'Susan has completely mastered how to teach meditation. She explains everything in very easy to understand ways and embodies the changes we can make for the better.  Most importantly of all, she genuinely cares about every single student and their journey. This is an essential life course that everybody can gain from learning, no matter where you are in life. It's quite simple: if you want to live a better life and become calmer, more rational, be more successful in both work and life in general then don't second guess and just sign up for the course. I'll be forever grateful to Susan.'
- John Tracey

'I'm a mum of two and viewed the 3 day course as a gift to myself. It was and continues to be just that.  I have seen so many positive impacts on my life as a result of my twice daily practice which lets me connect back to myself so that, in turn, I can be there for others. Susan has a wonderful, warm, and easy way of teaching which feels very supportive.  It's proving easy to show up for the mediations because I can see so many benefits.  I highly recommend the course.'
-  Georgina Miller

 'Susan has completely changed my perspective on meditation and helped me to achieve a sense of freedom from her teachings of the practice. Susan is so real, honest and compassionate in her approach and it was a true honour to have a meditation teacher like her. I’m so excited to meditate each time I go to meditate now, thanks to her guidance.'
- Sara Ryan

'Susan is a fantastic teacher - very structured, caring and focussed in her approach with a genuine desire to make a long lasting positive impact in the lives of all she reaches through her meditation courses.' 
- Stephen Twaddell

'I recently completed Susan's three-day meditation course. Susan is a fantastic teacher; she explains everything clearly and simply and leaves you feeling confident and enthusiastic about beginning a meditation practice. I found Susan to be a sincere person. She is warm and radiant and a massive support to her students. I highly recommend her course.' 
- Annette 

'Susan's three-day meditation course was an inspiring, centering, and eye-opening experience; in a short amount of time, she introduced me and my fellow students to an approach of Being which has drastically improved my life. Susan creates a safe space for you to fully experience the benefits of meditation and she gifts you the tools and confidence to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. It is life-changing.'
- Billy Lyons, New York City

'Susan has such an ability to make people feel calm, at ease and comfortable to really embrace this journey of meditation. Since doing the course I am practicing twice a day and getting so much from it. Do it, you won't regret it.'
- Orlagh Reilly

'From someone who always thought meditation was for other people, this course has been one of the best things I’ve done this year.  Susan is a highly skilled teacher, authentic and full of integrity. I can’t recommend her highly enough!'
- Claire Watts, Singer/Songwriter, Musician and PhD student

'A really enjoyable course, Susan is an excellent teacher, extremely knowledgeable and passionate around the topic. I can feel the benefits of developing a daily practice.' 
-Kevin McManamon

'Susan's meditation course was eye-opening to the world of meditation, even though I thought that I had already been on a similar journey through guided mindfulness practice. I never ever thought that I could meditate by myself without guided assistance, but here I am meditating daily all on my own.' 
- Sorcha Jordan, Dublin

'This 3-day meditation course offers you simple tools and a technique to finally begin that daily meditation practice you have been trying to start. I have been 'dabbling' with different ways to meditate and courses for years, and nothing ever sticks. This sticks.'
- Liam Reilly  

'Really great course. Excellent pace of learning and meditation was made very accessible. I’ve been doing 20 minutes twice a day since, something I've never been able to stick with before. Many thanks to Susan.'
- Sam Thornton

'I cannot recommend Susan’s Learn to Meditate course enough.  Susan is a fantastic teacher, gentle, kind, and very supportive. She has a lovely energy. I felt wonderful, calm and relaxed after every session. I also loved the small group. Susan is the best teacher I have ever had. I never understood how to meditate before this course. Thanks to Susan for giving me the gift of meditation to relieve the stress and worry of my busy mind. It has given me inner peace.'
- Lena Douglas 

'Susan is a fantastic meditation teacher. Her down to earth facilitation style and passion is all the encouragement and inspiration you need to establish a daily practice. The course was accessible, with clear and simple instructions to create a deeply transformative practice. The style of meditation can benefit a newbie to someone who already has an established practice. I feel calmer, clearer and more confident in a short time and feeling lighter by the day. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone - life only gets richer with a meditation practice and Susan’s approach with a small group is magic! You won’t regret it. I’m forever grateful to Susan.'
- Sophia

'Meditation has always been something that intimidated me but not anymore. Susan’s 3-day online course was personal, invigorating, and a liberating experience. This course is invaluable. It is for everyone. And it was the best decision I have ever made.’
- Aoife Doolan

'Susan's very natural unique and compassionate approach gives for a wonderfully simple way to learn to meditate.  There is not a minute wasted and what you take away from it is like a spirit level restoring balance in every day. I wholeheartedly recommend it.' 
Ronan McCarthy

'I had tried to meditate in the past, but never really felt that I got it, or that I was doing it properly.  Susan is an incredible teacher, with a real powerful yet gentle presence (even over Zoom).  Meditation is now so effortless for me and massively beneficial.  It was a wonderful investment in myself.  I now prioritise that daily investment and am reaping the rewards in many ways, one of these being greatly improved sleep.  I highly recommend Susan's course.'
- Angela Gavigan

'Susan's meditation course is a beautiful kick-start into meditation.  It was just what I needed to develop a daily routine.  Prior to doing this course I could not sit down to meditate - now I meditate twice a day for 20 mins! Susan is a wonderful teacher who gets you meditating from the very beginning.  I feel very lucky to have found this course and to have had Susan as a teacher. Thank you Susan!'
- Margaret

'Susan’s course came about at a great time. She helped me ground, breathe and connect. In less than a week of using the taught meditation technique, I feel I have shifted many things that weren’t serving me. In addition, many wonderful and synchronistic things have happened too. I truly believe I have noticed these “coincidences” as I’m feeling more grounded and present.'
- Anne

'Susan’s mediation has been such a beautiful experience. I’m on a journey of freeing myself from a lot of built up anxiety and I feel what I’ve learned from Susan in her Learn to Meditate course will be a huge part of my self healing journey, I can’t thank you enough Susan.'
- Sarah

'Taking part in Susan’s meditation course happened just at the right time for me. I felt really supported and nurtured by the practice and Susan’s really natural, relaxed style of leading us helped me to delve in. Sharing the experience with the other people on the course was really supportive and fascinating too to hear how they felt after each meditation. I’m sleeping better, less anxiety and have greater clarity in my day. For me it was about self care and it worked! Highly recommend!'
- Áine 

'Susan made meditation so compelling and so simple. I have been dabbling, starting and stopping at meditation for years; and finally, at my daughter’s encouragement, I signed up for this “appointment with myself.” I am grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in Susan’s beautiful light, find inspiration in her descriptive metaphors, and accept her invitation and assistance to embark on this journey.'
- Kathy