Patronage - Thank you for considering to support my work in the world

Recently, I have had people reach out to ask if they can become a patron to support me financially as a musician and also as someone who often offers my time freely to support those looking to dive deeper into meditation. It is my mission to be of service to the greatest capacity that I can be. In the past these roles in the arts and in the space of deeper soul work would have often been supported by patrons, monasteries, or by spiritual communities dedicated to serving and supporting their own communities.

This is something I have always said no to as it made me uncomfortable to receive in this way. Upon nudges from those who truly wished to support my work I've realised that in order for me to continue to give to others in the way that I do, I must also be willing and able to receive in balance. I have set up a PayPal Me link HERE for anyone who would like to support me supporting others in the meditation space and to continue to write and make music. 

Thank you for reading and considering being a patron. I hugely appreciate it.

With love and gratitude,